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Activity: Synodiporia



Liminal: I Feel So Close
Pizza Malik Al-Sayf
Did that really just happen? Jules Thibault, Armin Alert, Phillip Santorini, Zatanna Zatara, Souji Seta
An unfamiliar face Sansa Stark

Code of Dishonor: Battle Without Honor or Humanity
She still cares about life and death Matthew Swift
Defending the temple Souji Seta
That's how you get kidnapped Pod
This is no coincidence Claudia Donavon

Code of Dishonor: Road of Shadows
Now she's a homebody Neeshka
Should we set An on the boys? Claudia Donavon
Be careful out there Souji Seta

Code of Dishonor: Water Can Flow
Apprenticenapping and daring rescue Yuna


Code of Dishonor: War Paint
Summit report Claudia Donavon
They killed Kenni Richard B. Riddick
Dragons Matthew Swift, River Tam, Yuna
Welcome weary traveller Cassandra Cain
Lunch with the Tandoku boys

Code of Dishonor: Opening
Always politics Jules Thibault
Unfriendly spirits Matthew Swift
You don't know about the summit? Zoe Washburne
Ropq quest Matthew Swift, River Tam, Yuna
Spirit uncles Yuna

Liminal: Intro Mingle
Puppies! Phillip Santorini
Wandering hands Jules Thibault
Unusual kidnappings Alexia Maccon
Jedi Parkour Malik Al-Sayf

Psychic Post: Who wants to learn to meditate? Phillip Santorini, River Tam, Ambrose Langwe, Jade

Psychic: Learning from Dad's mistakes Malik Al-Sayf

Liminal: Return
Calling it a win Zatanna Zatara
Proper psychic manners Tim Drake
Well she's new Eliza Hamilton


Liminal: Return
Well that was a thing Zoe Washburne, Phillip Santorini, Pearl
Learning of AMerica Alexander Hamilton

Escape from Junkworld: The Other Side
Yeah she's got nothing except some hypnosis Jules Thibault

Escape from Jukworld: Tearing through Evening
Still not on fire Jules Thibault
Keep on fixing Claudia Donovan, Istas

Escape from Junkworld: Morning Light

He's going to stop believing he's not hallucinating Jules Thibault
Improvising and confusion Elphaba Thropp, Gale of the Embryon Tribe, Rise Kujikawa, Phillip Santorini
A whole bunch of fixing Richard B. Riddick


Escape from Junkworld: Zero Hour

Fancy flying Phillip Santorini
She can fix that Zoe Washburne
No fire Jules Thibault
Checking in with Granny Elphaba Thropp

Escape from Junkworld: Welcome to Gehenna

Jey has bad timing Phillip Santorini, Gambit, Zatanna Zatara, Pearl, River Tam
It's Podling Pod
Lessons from Granny Elphaba Thropp

Liminal Space: Intro Mingle
Kidnapped AGAIN? Zatanna Zatara, Phillip Santorini, Armin Alert, Richard B. Riddick
Maybe this guy has answers Toshizou Hijikata
Armin is playing Yoda Armin Alert