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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Yubsie
AGE: 30
PLAYER JOURNAL: [personal profile] yubsie
TIMEZONE: Atlantic
CONTACT: [ profile] yubsie

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Jaina Solo
CANON: Star Wars (Legends)
POINT IN CANON: post-Jedi Under Siege. Or as I like to call it "before the BS"
AGE: nearly 15
APPEARANCE: Straight brown hair to her shoulders. Brandy brown eyes (LORDY did KJA love that phrase). As her favourite place to be is up to her armpits in engine, her nails are short and definitely not perfectly manicured. Short for her age with an athletic build. I'll be using MacKenzie Foy as her PB because the YJK covers are for the most part uniconnable.
CANON HISTORY: Look upon the EU and despair
CANON PERSONALITY: Jaina is very much her father's daughter. Many of her most obvious traits can be readily blamed on Han Solo. She herself most likely does not really notice the ways she does take after her mother, in part due to not knowing Leia Organa in her spitfire youth.

Despite having a very privileged upbringing, Jaina is still quite rough and tumble. She associates readily with people from all walks of life, befriending street kids and old spacers. She sometimes fails to truly understand where they're coming from and missteps, but she does not think herself any better than them. I'm looking forward to at some point infiltrating her in a working class role so she can better understand people from other backgrounds. She's not only unafraid to get her hands dirty, she is actually quite eager for it. She understands direct action far more than the niceties of politics. Political events are merely something she has to endure to make her mother happy. Then again, at her age the same was true for Leia.

The Young Jedi Knights books were quite partial to catchphrases, and Jaina's was "Well then, what are we waiting for?" She is not the most patient of Jedi apprentices ever. It's almost like she's a Skywalker or something. She's always ready for adventure and to jump into the fray. Perhaps a little too eager, since she doesn't always fully reason out the consequences and only later realizes that taking on an entire squadron of TIE fighters by herself might not be the best plan ever. She also hasn't quite gotten the “wars not make one great” message, though that must be awfully hard to understand when literally every important adult in her life is a war hero. Luke is trying to get that message through to her, but experience and seeing the cost of fighting is doing a far better job.

Jaina has had a passion for machines from a very young age, being fascinated with all things mechanical. If she were asked to pick one trait that most defines her, this is what she would pick. When she sought to make her lightsaber uniquely her own, she chose to manufacture the focusing crystal in a furnace guiding it with her own Force abilities. This is one of the few ways to get her to actually sit still for an extended period of time. She's always loved to learn how machines work, often by dismantling household appliances.

It was only natural that her love of mechanics grow into a love of flying. After all, would could be better than making a machine dance through the air or space? She's very impatient to be allowed her own flying craft, though her mother for some reason insists she can't have one until she's sixteen. She's found quite the loophole in just flying any other vessel she can find instead.

Jaina has a very strong sense of justice and a need to help others. This can sometimes go a bit to far when she sees every problem as something she herself has to fix rather than letting people figure their own lives out. People aren't as simple as machines, no matter how much she might wish it so. She's working on that, but it's not an easy process. For as long as she can remember, she has known she would be a Jedi and that Jedi were responsible for helping people. The drive to help comes from her mother, though her methods tend to be far more influenced by her father.

She is incredibly loyal to her friends. She never hesitates to drop everything and run off to help them. To the point that everyone just assumes that it is going to happen and obtains the appropriate approvals before even telling her that the situation exists. She believes that she and her friends are far stronger together than apart. So being on her own will be a new challenge. It will be particularly difficult for her to be separated from her twin brother, Jacen.

Jaina's family is also very important to her. She is very much Daddy's Girl, and tends to confide in him first, though her mother is also important to her. Some of the later books introduced a degree of tension between her and Leia about Leia being so busy during Jaina's childhood, but at her current canonpoint there is absolutely no indication of any strain in their relationship. As the eldest child (by a whole five minutes), she considers it her responsibility to protect her brothers. These days she's pretty confident in Jacen's ability to handle himself, but if he's in trouble she will be charging in to fix that as soon as she catches wind of it.

It's hard for Jaina to untangle her loyalty to the New Republic from her loyalty to her family. Which makes sense, since her mother is the current leader and almost every important adult in her life worked to establish it. When faced with the possibility of having to fight a friend to protect the Republic, it pained her, but she knew she had to protect her mother.

ABILITIES: Jaina is training to be a Jedi Knight and is quite strong with the Force. These abilities include:
Telekinesis: She is very capable in this area, being able to manipulate both large and extremely small objects. She used the Force to nudge individual molecules into place while forming the crystal for her lightsaber.
Precognition: Jedi can see into the future. For Jaina this largely takes the form of a very immediate "danger sense". While Jedi are capable of seeing farther into the future, this generally involves dedicated meditation and she's frankly not that good at sitting still.
Environmental senses: She has enough awareness of her surrounding environment to detect inanimate objects such as training remotes. It is much easier for her to detect he presence of anything actually ALIVE.
Force Impressions: She is also able to sense images and feelings from others (this is empathy rather than telepathy, but I understand perfectly if it needs to be replaced with a telepathic tree skill). This is much more reliable if she's established a Force bond with the person in question, with her strongest bond by far being to her twin brother but others existing.
Enhanced physical abilities: The Force enhances a Jedi's physical capabilities allowing them to jump higher, run faster, lift more etc. Also do flips. Jedi training involves an inordinate number of flips.
Enhanced senses: Basically what it says on the tin
Jedi Mind Trick: The classic not the droids you're looking for stunt, Jaina is capable of influencing the weak minded.

In more mundane territory, Jaina is an incredibly gifted mechanic. She exhibited an aptitude with machines from a young age and is capable of extensive repairs with limited resources. She is also a very good pilot.

Jaina is more adept in combat than anyone her age ought to be. She's very adept with a blaster, though her weapon of choice is her lightsaber. She's only been using the lightsaber for a few months, but has managed to gain a considerable level of skill with it, no doubt thanks to the Force. She's learned to make use of her smaller than average stature in combat.

INVENTORY; Jumpsuit, lightsaber, multitool

S A M P L E S;
ACTIONSPAM SAMPLE: [Step one is the grin. That always assures people that you've got this under control. Never mind that people can't even see it, it makes her feel good.]

Okay, we've been losing power pretty fast. That's not great, but it's not anything we can't handle. Not yet, anyway. If we let it get worse, then it'll be time to worry.

I'll need a lot of copper wiring to replace what those critters have been gnawing on. The kind they label gauge twelve here, if you know what you're looking for. If you don't just bring me wiring and I'll sort through it myself.

Oh, and I need someone to help with the critters. That's usually my brother's thing and he'll be upset forever if I don't make sure they make it out unharmed.

[He's not here, but he'll know. He always knows.]

So let's get started.

PROSE SAMPLE: Test drive thread